3 days, 3 quotes: day 2| tag

Happy Sunday! I’ve had a glorious morning of reading and hanging out with Percy the cat, exactly what Sundays were made for. I had the intention of going to yoga this morning but I got sucked into my book (check out my Goodreads to see what I’m currently reading) and I lost track of time! I guess it happens to the best of us.

For day 2 of the 3 days, 3 quotes tag I had to go for a quote from one of my absolute heroes, Margaret Atwood. I adore Atwood: her humour, her passion for the environment and the way she stands up for women are just a few of her shining qualities. A quote from Atwood I came across recently is this:


Atwood, as always, has hit the nail on the head. I believe you can learn more from reading than pretty much any other activity. A reader can learn about different cultures, different places, different worlds entirely, or how to build a boat or the best way to make a chocolate brownie. A reader can learn to sympathise and walk around in somebody else’s skin.  By reading, one realises the impact of their words (whether that be positive or negative) and that their actions have consequences. Ultimately, I feel that reading teaches you to become a more mindful and understanding individual; by living a thousand lives through reading, naturally you things from a different perspective.

The three people I tag: 

Anjie at Love thy Shelf

Jenni at Jenni Louisa

Jen at The Reader’s Room


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