To the book lovers of the world, hello!

I am Kerry, a twenty-two year oldIMG_0609 bookworm who has decided to bite the bullet and begin to document my bookish adventures.   I’m currently living in the finest city in England and, when I’m not reading, can be found practising yoga or hanging out with Percy the cat (the love of my life, second my to my boyfriend of course!).

As a recent Literature & History graduate, I finally have the freedom and time to explore books and write about them at my leisure (not a time or word limit in sight!). University has been incredible and has taught me to look at literature in ways that never even crossed my mind previously, to read books I would have shunned in the first instance, to question meaning and how to form and reform my own opinions. I loved learning and challenging myself throughout my uni life, and hopefully this blog will encourage me to continue my literature exploration, as well as share and debate with all you other beautiful bookworms out there!

Genre-wise, I love science and speculative fiction and I could happily read these forever without ever starting into other genre territory. I do enjoy pretty much all genres though, except for cheesy romance novels and most teen fiction (I’m cringing just thinking about them).

I’m here to read, review and discover. Please feel free to suggest books or ideas, or to say hi! I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Kerry ☮


5 thoughts on “Uno.

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! First and foremost, thank you for following me! Second of all, I am very excited to see the posts and things that you have in store! Third of all, you love in ENGLAND?! I’m so incredibly jealous.
    Welcome to the blogosphere. 😆 xoxo

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    1. Thank you Josie! You’re very welcome, I’ve loved reading your blog for a while 😊 I’m very excited to get started! I’m still getting to grips with using this platform but hopefully it’ll all be easy soon. You live in Australia?! That’s even cooler!
      Thank you and I hope I don’t disappoint xo.

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      1. Aw, I’m glad you enjoy my blog.
        I find that wordpress is a really easy and smooth blogging platform and I’d have to say it’s my favourite. The look of it and the feel and everything is just so wonderful. I think you will get used to it very quickly!
        Maybe we can swap? You can come live in Australia, I’ll go and live in London? 😉
        I’m sure you will not disappoint. xoxo


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